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Bach Flower Remedies

What is Bach Flower Remedies?

Developed by Dr Edward Bach a British homeopath in the 1930’s who believed that the dew on flowers held healing within it from the flowers. This also coincides with water memory and how water can retain the energy of that which it comes into contact with, in this case flower essences.

Bach flower remedies are the flowers of various plants which are used in complementary medicine, which are intended to relieve ill health by changing underlying emotional issues. They are classed as energetic or vibrational medicine and can help with emotional and spiritual issues. For example, if you have an illness in your body you become stressed and if you are stressed you become ill. Bach flower remedies could help alleviate the emotional issues causing the dis-ease within your body in turn bringing your body back to a balance state of wellbeing.

The way we administer these remarkable flower remedies is by way of a private consultation/counselling session, allowing you to talk through your current issues and arriving at the appropriate remedy/remedies for you, at which point our Bach Flower therapist will make a remedy up for you to take away.

Benefits of Bach Flower Remedies:

Your Bach Flower session/consultation lasts for 1 hour at a cost of £50.00