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Angelic Energy Therapy

What is Angelic Energy Therapy?

Angelic Energy Healing is a form of therapy working with the Angelís and the Angelic realms. Drawing down this peaceful loving vibration to, help with issues on an physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level, enhancing a feeling of physical wellbeing. Xaveira has channelled these Angelic energies for 30 years. This is a highly vibrational therapy which can help to bring about a more balanced and creative way of living. This therapy will touch your soul spiritual and bring about a feeling of peace and calm within your life. This begins within your heart space. It can help to release all blockages from the four levels of your body, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

Benefit of Angelic Energy Healing Releasing:

Your Angelic Energy Healing session lasts for 45 mins at a cost of £40